Monday, July 6, 2009


We had a wonderful time at the lake with some friends! Everyone tubed and had a great time. My husband jumped off a 15 ft dock with some teenagers. Thinking he is as young as they are only they were the ones begging him to do the tricks. He did of course a double sumer sault (almost tipple) and then looked to see when he was going to hit the water but the water hit his face first. He immediately had 2 black eyes. The kids called him superman which in the picture above he looks like he is flying.
The kids all jumped off the dock and loved it!


Denise said...

Oh no.

J said...

Emily...way to go Superman! Those pictures make my stomach flip...that dock looks so high!

Thank you for helping me with directions the other day. I didn't realize you were in your driveway until I was passing by the second time and saw Mark in the backyard. Your house is so cute! When I saw you getting in your car on my first pass by, I thought it must be some cute house getting ready to go on the market.

Also, thanks for encouraging me to run to Him before the computer.

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

yay! i found you:) love you

andi said...

Hey Mark! That is painful!
Me too, J. My stomach was in knots! That looks really high...
Glad you all had fun!