Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is why I have not bloged in a while...

  • Had a baby shower at my house which was great and we are looking forward to meeting our new cousin Dawson sometime the end of this month.

  • We made a Space cake for school which I am sad I do not have a picture of.

  • We have a new pet "Andy"

  • Working on our back yard since no one would volunteer for the sprinkle party at their home I did. I love having a party I just want my yard to look nice. I know all the kindergartners are going to notice.

  • Planning a birthday party that always gets overlooked because May is such a wild month. Who made up the rule invitation 2 weeks in advance??

  • To top off the week last week I miss placed the money that I took up for our preschool teachers. I thought I would try to get our preschool teachers a nice end of the year present so I asked anyone who would like to contribute to put money in an envelope and put it in my sons bag. Ever day I would mark off those that paid (not sure why) and put the money up in my cabinet. Thursday night after friends left from eating dinner I went through everyones bag. I went to put the money up only to find out the envelope where I had been putting it was missing. I turned my house upside down. Going to bed praying that I would find it my husband asked if I wanted him to go through the trash which was already by the road. No, not knowing exactly what we was looking for I replied I will go through it in the morning. The thought of calling parents to ask if they had given me cash or check and telling them I am responsible mother of two but I lost your money and I need to replace it was not a happy feeling. God are you dealing with my pride once again? 6:00 A.M. in a robe with gloves I proceeded to go through the trash. Only to find my faithful God leading me to trash bag #3 . There it was a dirty envelope full of checks and $70.00 cash. Thank you Lord for helping dig through trash and be reminded of your faithfulness.

Lesson learned I have know organized my entire kitchen and having a Garage Sale June 6th

We have had one school program and one to go.
A precious Mother's day tea.
So, this is why I have not blogged. I don't know if anyone even reads my blog but that is whats been going on at my house and I love ever minute of it...