Monday, July 6, 2009


We had a wonderful time at the lake with some friends! Everyone tubed and had a great time. My husband jumped off a 15 ft dock with some teenagers. Thinking he is as young as they are only they were the ones begging him to do the tricks. He did of course a double sumer sault (almost tipple) and then looked to see when he was going to hit the water but the water hit his face first. He immediately had 2 black eyes. The kids called him superman which in the picture above he looks like he is flying.
The kids all jumped off the dock and loved it!

His Blog

Life without technology.. My computer crashed almost 2 months ago. The computer guy thought it was fixable and worked on it, ordered parts, and a month later told me it was not fixable. The poor guy was so sweet and only charged me for diagnosing it was Not fixable. So, if you live in Dothan and ever need someone Customized Computers is the place to go.
I ordered a computer and I have now learned:
Yes, I need a computer to work,
Yes, it makes life a lot easier
Yes, I enjoy being able to access the things I need without having to run to the neighbors of my moms.
But I also learned I spend way more time on the computer than is needed. Yes, I enjoy reading blogs and comments on face book. I love to know what’s going on in my friends life and I care for you all deeply. God has shown me that we are so not promised tomorrow and to choose Him first over blogging and catching up with others. I must check up with Him and what has in store for me on His blog “The Holy Word” before logging on to the computer. I hope and pray you check out His blog it is the answer to EVERYTHING……